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Modified plastics

Over the years, blessing day dedicated to the development and modification of new materials production, and achieved fruitful results. Currently, the company has developed to form a seven series over 20 varieties over eight hundred brands of modified plastic products. Among them, the fire-retardant products have been approved by the U.S. UL safety certification, Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottle Compound obtain certification, some products also received the National Torch Program, National new products and the provincial and municipal science and technology achievement awards. Our products are widely used in automotive, packaging, IT, electronics, telecommunications, home appliances, construction, lighting and power tools and other industries.

Fine Chemicals

Company fine chemical products mainly include: Antioxidant series, nucleating agents series, light stabilizers series three series. The company has antioxidants 5,000 tons / year, nucleating agents 1,000 tons / year, light stabilizers 1000 tons / year production capacity, product development capabilities, production control level and test series is an industry-leading level. The company attaches great importance to research and development, and actively with the well-known institutes Institute of Chemistry clinics technical cooperation with Zhejiang University jointly established fine chemical and polymer materials research and development base, and the Institute of Chemistry, scientific research and build the base.